Comedy reading

13 Mar

There is a lot of books written on how to stand-up, how to write comedy and joke theory. Below i present three of my favourite readings.

  • Be a Great Stand-Up, Logan Murray
    Be a Great Stand-Up is a handbook on how to do stand-up comedy written by London based comedian Logan Murray who also does comedy workshops and courses. Murray is an experienced stand-up and has appeared on several TV shows such as Peep Show, Packet of Three and London Underground. The book is a great read and covers everything from joke theory to microphone technique. It also includes several writting exersices  to unlock your creativity. A great part of the book is the chapter where other well established comedians such as Milton Jones, Greg Davies and Richard Herring reveal tips, and insight to the job as a professional stand-up comedian.


  • The Serious Guide To Joke Writing, Sally Holloway
    The Serious Guide To Joke Writing focuses more about the writing part of comedy than the book above. It is written by Sally Holloway. As Logan Murray, Sally Holloway runs her own comedy course. She used to do stand-up until 2003 when she had to resign from it due to illness. The book includes a lot of writing excersises that guarantees you to write funny and generate material for a great stand-up
  • The Naked Jape, Jimmy Carr & Lucy Greeves
    Unlike the other two books, this book by Jimmy Carr and Lucy Greeves goes more indepth into the history and the effect of jokes. It gives a very good inside on the theories on why people laugh and what sort of impact a joke can have. The book is also a huge laugh as it consists of a lot of great jokes.


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